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Former Mrs. International - Ashley Rae Klinger

As a Woman of God whose life is centered around her faith, Ashley Rae Klinger tries to live every day of her life for His glory. As the matriarch for her family, Ashley Rae is a devoted wife to her husband of five years, Andrew, a proud mom to their adopted 4-year-old son, Micah, and their three soon-to-be adopted foster daughters; ages three and two, and a humble servant to the foster children who are welcomed into their home. After trying to conceive children for nearly 5 years, Andrew and Ashley Rae’s struggles with infertility continue to result in their inability to conceive. However, the couple has found that “inability” to be a blessing, as it has provided them with the “ability” to recognize that God has a different plan for their family; a plan that has led them down the wonderful path of adoption and foster care.

Through their journey as adoptive and foster parents, the couple was reminded that it’s not as much blood as it is love that makes a family, and they soon became vocal advocates for the adoptive and foster communities. In 2019, they were called to launch the BE A FOSTER Movement as a way to be a voice for the more than 2.7 million children in foster care globally who are in need of a loving foster family; many of whom are also in need of a forever home. Through BE A FOSTER, the couple hopes to create conversation and understanding around the undeniable impacts of foster care and the increasing need for loving foster families. Ashley Rae represented BE A FOSTER as her official platform as Mrs. Central States International 2020 before becoming Mrs. International 2020.

Philanthropic at heart, she is a very active community member, giving back where God calls her to serve. She is a firm believer that each and every one of our life experiences serve as an opportunity to not only better our own lives, but to better the lives of those around us. As a cancer survivor, she is an advocate for the cancer community and the founder of the Cope Well Foundation; the official platform that she represented during her reign as Mrs. North Dakota International 2016 and Mrs. Midwest International 2017. She is also involved in many local and national groups and organizations, such as the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, American Mothers, Inc., the American Cancer Society, and many more.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ashley Rae is the founder and owner of It’s Her Brand Enterprises, a lifestyle empowerment and development business, where she has 18 years of marketing and corporate|personal branding experience, 15 years of business development experience, and 10 years of nonprofit development and professional speaking experience.

Ashley Rae will spend her reign as Mrs. International 2020 advocating for the adoptive and foster communities by executing the mission of the BE A FOSTER Movement and by collaborating with a variety of local, national, and global adoptive and foster-related groups, organizations, and initiatives. Ashley Rae and her family reside in North Dakota with their two puppies, Bella and Barklee.

Mrs. International 2020

Ashley Rae Klinger

The Need is Great – Make an Impact – BE A FOSTER

“Encouraging families to make an impact in the life of a child and be a foster.”